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Bev Palmer Performing Arts!

Bev Palmer’s is a Performing Arts Studio that has been training your people for over 57 years. We are proud of our high standard of training provided by Industry Professionals. Our training includes all styles of dance, singing lessons and drama classes. With the resurgence of interest in dance within popular culture, we have expanded our operations into a brand new studio where everyone can come to dance, sing or learn drama. If you have an urge to perform this is the place for you. Young or old, big or small, beginner or advanced, we can assure you there is something for everyone. We offer an Encore Performance program for those who are aiming for a career in the arts. We also have our BPPA school suited for those performers who would like weekly classes and a high standard of training without the commitment of more than two days a week. And finally, we offer casual classes for those who love to dance but don’t have the time to commit to class every week. These classes have a broad range of standard from beginner to pro/advanced. Fun and fitness better than a gym.


OPEN DAY 2020!

Sunday 6th December

10:00 – 11:30am


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