A very big congratulations to Sarah Kassing, the only student from VIC to be selected to perform her Jazz Solo in May 2015 for VCE TopActs. 

“After successfully completing all four units of VCE/VET Dance at Bev Palmer Performing Arts, I was very fortunate to be selected to perform my jazz solo in the Top Class showcase at the Melbourne Recital Centre in February this year. 

From this wonderful experience, I was chosen to perform my jazz solo again at the final Top Acts showcase on May the 1st along with nineteen other performances from the VCE Season of Excellence. 

Getting the chance to watch and work with so many other talented students in the performing arts field was truly fantastic. It was wonderful to be rewarded with such an experience after having worked hard over the past two years. It made me realize just how many opportunities can come out of completing VCE/VET Dance and how lucky I am to have had the opportunity to complete this course. 

I’d like to thank my VET Dance teacher Miss Karen Edwards for all of her tuition, hard work, support and for providing me with so many great opportunities. 

Top Acts was certainly a magnificent experience and one that I’ll never forget.” 

Sarah Kassing 

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